Welcome to The Practical Magi...
Everyone has free will.  These services are for your entertainment only.
Prices are subject to change
where Human meets Divine...
and the Seen & Unseen are Revealed.
Mother Earth & Father Sky are one...
Through the wisdom and channeled insight of Michael, you
have access to guidance from  the Stars, Planets, your Higher
Self, Tarot, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and loved ones from
the other side who want to help you on your journey.

13 Sign Astrology, Tarot,
Lenormand & Clairvoyant sessions
in-person by phone or Skype, Psychic Parties, Fund Raising,
Spiritual Counseling, and Workshops are services provided
through The Practical Magi.  All services are for spiritual growth
and entertainment purposes only.

Did you know you may not be the sign you think you are?
Be sure to check out your Galactic Zodiac Horoscope for the
month and information on your Sun sign according to the
ancient practice of Fixed Star 13 Sign Astrology that includes
Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer.

As we move into an era of New Consciousness it is important to
align ourselves with the Galactic template and bring our truth
and awareness into the current era.  For this reason, The
Practical Magi recognizes all 13 signs and challenges you to
grow into the New Consciousness with our Galaxy and Universe.

Welcome & Namaste!