You are a Sun Sign Taurus with a Sagittarius Ascendant, Virgo Midheaven and the Moon in Pisces.  The
combination of the Sun in Taurus and Sagittarius rising allows for the Taurus Sun Sign to be flexible, adventurous
and fun despite that there is still an inclination toward hard work and fiscal security.  There is an overall enjoyment
of all that is good in life and a tendency to take more risks than the average Taurus personality type.  Combined
with the Midheaven in Virgo there is natural skill at organization, spatial arrangement, attention to detail, research,
and the ability to work with all types of people and in many different environments.  The energies of Taurus,
Sagittarius and Virgo mix in a way that can be outgoing and social in a business context yet quite private in the
personal arena.  The Moon in Pisces adds sentimentality, compassion and intuitive elements to the mix.  The Moon
in Pisces also desires more privacy and will be more emotionally sensitive when combined with the Sun in Taurus
and the Ascendant in Sagittarius.  There are three additional planets and points in Pisces that weigh the chart more
heavily in the direction of empathy, compassion, intuition and sensitivity.
     There are overall seven planets in water signs in your chart: Chiron, Saturn, Lilith and the Moon in Pisces; Venus,
Jupiter and Vertex in Cancer, indicating a more sensitive, emotional and adaptable Taurus Sun Sign however, one
that does not forget the past easily as Taurus and Sagittarius have great memory and love their stories.  The
planets in Pisces support being a strong and compassionate teacher and mentor for others in need while the
planets in Cancer indicate strong generosity and deep sentimentality.  You may have to be cautious about being
emotionally manipulated by those that are victim-type personalities.
     There are three potent conjunctions in the chart where the planets are 2°30' or less apart.  The first is the
conjunction of the Sun and Pallas Athena in Taurus in the 6th House indicating the ability to be the advisor and
counselor to just about any one in the workplace.  The second conjunction is of Pluto and Uranus in Leo in the 8th
House which is extremely intense and focused on the use of other people’s resources as a way to make money as
well as strong with inheritances, insurance policies and provides strong psychic ability even though it may be short
and potent.  The third conjunction is of Vesta and Neptune in Libra in the 11th House indicating a tendency to
idealize relationships of all kinds and the challenge of maintaining harmony within a group or some kind of life
balance that allows for an easy and enjoyable social life.
     Although it is not technically in conjunction to the Midheaven, the planet Mars is high in the sky at the time of
birth creating a strong energetic force to get things done as well as reinforcing one’s masculine qualities and
ambitions.  With the Sun in Taurus in the 6th House of work and health, and Mars in Virgo high in the sky at the
time of birth there is a tendency toward becoming a workaholic so playtime needs to be put into the schedule
otherwise the planets in Pisces may create illness in response to being over-worked.  Taurus can naturally take on a
lot and has great stamina and perseverance.  However, when Taurus goes down it goes down hard with often a
quick recovery.

Ascendant/1st Cusp 2°01' Sagittarius:  Projecting humor, adventure and positivity.
     The Ascendant is the sign of the zodiac that was rising at the time of birth.  The Ascendant is also the cusp of
the 1st House of Life in the birth chart and governs the self and one’s outward projection of the self which adds
dimension to the nature of the Sun sign.
     The Ascendant or 1st House cusp in Sagittarius with a portion of the 1st House in Capricorn provides a positive
outlook toward life that is easy going in nature, enjoys the adventure and likes to keep humor and a positive
attitude above all else.  Sagittarius as the Ascendant indicates a lifetime that demands freedom of the self and self-
expression.  Sagittarius enjoys travel, other cultures, different types of food or drink and is continually exploring the
world whether it be in their own back yard or out in the greater world or other worlds of the imagination or spirit.  
Those with Sagittarius on the 1st House cusp are fairly healthy but need some exercise to keep their energy
flowing.  Although the attitude is positive and adventurous those with Sagittarius on the 1st House cusp may have
a tendency of running from negativity or avoiding conflict.  This could even get to the point of preferring to be with
animals and nature rather than people.  
The Capricorn portion of the 1st House allows Sagittarius to be grounded and focused on their goals and gives
practical ambition to their dreams rather than following what may often appear to be pipe dreams or unrealistic
pursuits. Where Capricorn is located in the houses in a birth chart often signals an area of life that begins to truly
manifest after age fifty.  As a result, one finds themselves and may even “grow up” and become more realistic,
responsible and mature with greater confidence and self-expression after age fifty.  Capricorn in the 1st House
creates a natural parenting and responsibility oriented personality and or early life experience that others will look
to for stability and guidance no matter their age.

Equatorial Ascendant 22°9’ Sagittarius in the 1st House:  Exploring the self and the world.
     The Equatorial Ascendant is the sign of the zodiac rising at the equator at the time of birth.  It is a minor point
but relevant in whether it is the same or different from the Ascendant.  It represents how one sees their own
projected life path.
     The Equatorial Ascendant in Sagittarius and in the 1st House compliments the natal Ascendant in Sagittarius
supporting the overall view of life and the way in which to walk that path.  The focus is on self-exploration that
comes though going out and exploring the world and all its wonders.  Education of all kinds is a constant pursuit for
those with the Equatorial Ascendant in Sagittarius which usually results in self-reflection and a deeper
understanding of others’ beliefs about the world and how it works.  The one challenge with this position is becoming
too optimistic about the world or continually questing for places or experiences only to find that the grass is not
greener on the other side.

2nd House 12°12’ Capricorn:  Good at the earnings.
     The 2nd House of the birth chart governs money, possessions, self-worth and values.
     Capricorn on the 2nd House cusp with all of Aquarius and a small part of Pisces in the house varies one’s fiscal
experience, values and sense of responsibility.  The Capricorn cusp of the 2nd House is considered the strongest
influence over the house creating the ability to industriously and steadily earn money and gain possessions that
have long-lasting value.  Capricorn is typically careful with their money to the point that they can become frugal in
charts that are more possessive.  Capricorn is excellent in business for others or themselves and have a good sense
of value in material objects.  One may work hard for their money, but it is always rewarding and well worth the time
and effort.  One challenge is that Capricorn can over-identify their work and the money they have with their identity
which can cause issues during retirement periods or when employment markets are not settled or down.  Where
Capricorn is located in the houses in a birth chart often signals an area of life that begins to truly manifest after age
fifty.  One may find their true self-worth, create their fortune and possibly have their best fiscal years after age fifty
with some eye on their retirement in the near future.
     Aquarius is intercepted, or located within the whole 2nd House, in the chart.  Aquarius is more unpredictable
with money and needs a good financial planner or accountant to help.  There is more generosity in Aquarius than
Capricorn especially to humanitarian groups or political causes.  One’s fiscal cycle may even have steep ups and
downs if not monitored properly.  Aquarius on the 2nd House cusp values diversity and is non-judgmental of people’
s backgrounds and values unless they impose harm on others or the environment.  Money is often made in
innovative or “ahead of the curve” ways creating new industry or innovation along the way.  Aquarius likes to buy
new technology, gadgets and toys that make life easier and are often the most interesting.
     The small piece of Pisces in the 2nd House reinforces charity and may create a soft spot or even weakness for
the underdog where money and possessions can be given away causing an enabling rather than helping situation.  
Emotional purchases are also more likely with this placement.  Fortunately, this is a small section of the 2nd House
so will not have too much influence.

Part of Fortune 15°11’ Capricorn in the 2nd House:  Fortune through ambition.
     The Part of Fortune is one of over 200 Arabic Parts found within the birth chart.  The Part of Fortune is where
and how fortune comes to a person throughout their lifetime.
     The Part of Fortune in Capricorn and in the 2nd House is favorable for taking one’s ambitions and focus to
create fortune even in industries that are typically traditional or may be part of a family business.  The Part of
Fortune in Capricorn is stable, hard-working and creates fortune through practical measures rather than giant risk-
taking.  The Part of Fortune in the 2nd House blesses the house with continuous fortune throughout the lifetime,
especially after age fifty due to the Capricorn presence in the house.