How do I even begin to describe the awesomeness of Michael?
You just have to meet him to know that he  knows . To listen to
him is to hear that he  knows . To be touched by his healing is
to feel that he  knows . To experience his counseling is to
understand that he  knows . To take part in one of his classes
is to begin to learn that he  knows . Michael's gifts are many
and his willingness to share them is a gift to all of us. To say
that his readings are amazing would be an
understatement…and scratching the surface of Michael's
talents. I truly believe that Michael is here to help us on our
journey, should we chose to seek his guidance. So, for those of
you who understand that nothing is coincidence and everything
has a purpose, you also understand that you are reading this
for a reason. -Linda, Wantage, NJ
Michael is a seer in the true sense of the won't be
disappointed.  -Barbara H., Hot Springs, AR
Michael is definitely a Master Astrologer. I am truly impressed
with his birth chart reading. But the channeling of my parents
and grandparents was extraordinary. I received important
guidance that they would not have been able to communicate
without Michael's assistance. They were visiting with me and
sharing information that I would never have known otherwise. I
look forward to future visits. -Joan from NJ
Michael's guidance as my spiritual counselor has enabled me
to continue on my path with confidence and knowledge. His
reading sessions are informative and accurate. He focuses on
the challenges we face and how to remove any obstacles. I
have hosted several parties for Michael and we always have a
good time  . - Amy G. New Jersey
I have come to know Michael over the past few months and
have found not only a friend but an advisor and mentor.
Coming from a gifted family, I have learned to be guarded
when it comes to psychic mediums, with Michael, there is no
need to be guarded. His gifts are amazing and always
accurate. He communicates between the physical and
spiritual worlds easily and confidently. We have often laughed
at the messages my family and spirit guide have given him to
relay to me. He has become part of my physical and spiritual
family and is welcomed and respected by both.
I have recommended Michael to several friends who have
conveyed to me how happy they were with the results. They
have been able to find peace and closure through him.
I currently am enrolled in Michael’s Journeymen Tarot
Reading Class. His classes are the best. Michael has a way of
guiding and teaching that incorporates his knowledge and his
student’s openness to learning, the results are amazing.
My aunt was a medium and while working with her she told
me there would be someone else to teach me the Tarot
Cards. I looked for many years until I found Michael. Upon
meeting him, I knew he was the person my aunt told me
about. He has added so much to my journey into the spiritual
world and I know that I have found my mentor.
On a personal level, I think Michael is awesome. I feel blessed
to call him my teacher/mentor and honored to call him my
Do not miss an opportunity to work with this truly gifted
man, the results will blow you away. -Janice, Garfield NJ
I wanted to give you an update. In December, we found out we
were pregnant (after our first attempt going the old-fashion
route). Thank you again for those stones. On Monday evening,
we got the news that we were praying for -- that the baby does
not have sickle cell anemia and is healthy. His/her expected
due date is August 4th. (I have a strong feeling though that
he/she will come around July 25.) In any event, would love for
him/her to be born in London, as my first son Gabriel was. But
I wanted to also tell you just how accurate (at least thus far)
the chart has been. So thank you much. -Suzette, NJ
Michael is a very dedicated, caring and skilled Light Being  I
felt that his reading for me was helpful and accurate.
Many Thanks, Michael
For many years, I have been blessed to know Michael.  Not
only is he a wonderful spirit but his advice and predictions are
quite spot on.  For anyone who doubts these sort of talents, I
always tell them of one special reading I got from Michael.

I was living in the US, Michael gave a reading some 4 months
before the event took place, saying I would get notice of a job,
literally I would apply one day, get it the next, and within a
week leave.  It would be overseas, and he was specific enough
to tell me it was an island of Greek nature but not Greece.  He
assumed it would be Crete, and actually the job was in
Cyprus.  Another point is that during this reading 4 months
prior, he told me the date I would be leaving.  He was off only
by 2 days.

So when people doubt, I tell that story and tell them, if
someone can be that accurate (because I honestly didn't sit
with myself and think 'oh Cyprus would be a great place to
live') they either A.  Have an amazing ability or B. They are the
luckiest sod out there and should be playing the lottery for all
of his friends(cause with that kind of luck, he'd have already
won 6 months in a row)

Michael, thank you for everything.  Much love and warmest
Blessings.   Buster F, World traveler & Entertainer
Wow  Amazing stuff my friend... I am blown away by listening
again to all of the things you said.
Everything... and I do mean everything, hit home directly.
Thank you again.
Char, Little Rock, AR
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