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4/29 - 9/18
Saturn is the planet governing structure, re-structure, limitation, maturity,
wisdom, tradition and practicality.  Saturn takes approximately twenty-eight
and a half years to move through the zodiac. When Saturn is retrograde
expect affairs to be delayed, plans to be restructured and anything that was
stable or excessive to be reworked or leveled.  Make note of things that were
begun 14 or 15 years ago and 28 or 29 years ago as they go through the
biggest changes during a Saturn transit.

Saturn is transiting through Sagittarius from 11/1/2017 through 2/29/2020
with a reappearance during its retrograde in 2020 between 7/28/2020 until
11/28/2020.  This is a time of restructure in one's life through a renewed
sense of adventure in how to pursue one's goals and lighten up heavier senses
of responsibility and maturity that impede progress.  During the Saturn
retrogrades there is time for review and revision as Saturn retrograde tends to
slow down the process.  Saturn joins forces with the South Node of the Moon
beginning around 4/6/2019 adding to the need to release of the old patterns
and beliefs that do not serve people any longer.  Saturn and the South Node
are conjunct AND retrograde together beginning 4/29/2019 through
9/18/2019 but stay conjunct through 10/15/2019.  This is a highly karmic
period personally and globally for all.  If you were born 12/21/1987 through
1/17/1991 you are experiencing your Saturn return with those born in 1989
and 1990 most affected by this year's Saturn and South Node transit.

What does Saturn mean for your sign as it moves through Sagittarius?

Aries:  Saturn in Sagittarius provides the opportunity to change your beliefs,
explore religion, philosophy, law and politics in a way that allows you to grow
and mature into a better and freer self.  Purposeful travel rather than carefree
jaunts are more likely with this transit.  If there are areas where you require a
teacher or mentor Saturn will provide that person or experience to help you. A
long distance move or relocation is also possible under this transit.

Taurus: This is a time to explore and revise your long term fiscal goals,
insurance policies, wills, estate planning and investments.  In addition, you
may find your psychic or intuitive gifts are strengthened through better
application or practice in these areas.  The energy of Sagittarius with Saturn
make this a time to explore your beliefs about life, death, rebirth, the afterlife
and the importance of deep intimacy in your world.  This a time of maturing in
a fun and easy way.

Gemini:  Saturn transiting through Sagittarius restructures your relationships,
especially partnerships.  It may be time to rethink your beliefs of partnerships
and marriage through coming up to speed with the modern era rather than
sticking with old fashioned or limiting beliefs.  At the same time this is an
opportunity for new people to come into your life who are stabilizing mentors
in the area of how to develop and maintain friendships and other types of
one-on-one relationships.  It is a good time to renew vows, get married and
begin to build a life with someone special or take it to a new level.

Cancer:  Saturn in Sagittarius focuses on your work and your health.  This is a
transit to rework your diet and exercise routine keeping with the focus being
on muscular skeletal health, activities involving the legs, a moderated diet
and health with regards to aging.  This is a time to get work done in both your
personal and professional lives. There is the possibility for changes in the
workplace through a restructure or power shift as well as a change in your
schedule.  Promotions are possible during this transit, especially ones that are

Leo:  Allow the Saturn transit in Sagittarius to help you creatively.  This can be
applied in practical ways through gardening, landscaping, interior decorating
or redoing the office as well as in fun and possible new ways.  This is a period
where the focus may be directed on parents and children in your life including
becoming a parent.  This is not a time to take risks but to play things more
conservatively.  Old flames or friends may reappear bringing some fun and
nostalgia into your life.

Virgo:  As Saturn transits through Sagittarius make home and family a
priority.  Whether it is the focus of your own home, your home of childhood or
a new home that is waiting for you the structure, environment and people
within it are ready for a change.  Focusing on family ancestry, traditions and
stories that need to be recorded is a wise use of this transit.  There is the
possibility of spending more time with the elders in your life both for fun as
well as taking them and their lives into your care.

Libra:  Saturn in Sagittarius favors bringing into form any ideas that have
been kicking around in your head that need to be expressed; especially if they
need to be written down.  Your talent as a diplomat and a mediator are likely
to come in handy as the go-between among siblings, neighbors or colleagues.  
This transit does stimulate the travel bug in you so take advantage of th
energy and make plans not just for around the corner but around the world
too.  If there is an area you want to learn more about or add training to a
specialty you have already mastered this is a favorable time for continuing

Scorpio: Use this transit to focus on your money, your possessions and how
you want to make money.  Saturn in Sagittarius encourages money to be
made in a practical as well as fun way.  Exploring new ways to make money
through areas tied to the environment, sales, marketing and travel are
favored.  This may be a time to clean out the closets and give away what you
do not need.  Rebudgeting is a good idea during the retrograde periods of this

Ophiuchus:  Who and what you value will be shifted during the transit of
Saturn in Sagittarius.  This includes a period of self-analysis focused on your
value to yourself as well as others.  The importance of value systems in your
life and how they manifest through your money and possessions will be
restructured and mature under the influence of Saturn in Sagittarius.  Due to
the playful nature of Sagittarius the importance or value of playtime needs to
be figured in as well.

Sagittarius:  As a Sagittarius with Saturn in your own sign you are the one
doing the most growing, maturing and restructuring within.  It is your self that
is changing in a slow easy way.  Exploring some of your inner workings, beliefs
about yourself and how seriously, or not, you take yourself are all possible
during this influence.  If you have been stuck or in a rut this is the time to get
out of it with the help of those you respect as teachers and mentors, including
parents, grandparents and old friends.

Capricorn:  Saturn in Sagittarius taps into your spiritual side and psychological
make up in a way that allows for fun and safe exploration about what and
how you believe what you do and think what you think.  It is a good time to
face any of your fears and phobia with good humor and lightheartedness
rather than with heaviness and depression. People form your past in this life
as well as other lifetimes will cross your path to help you rekindle better times.

Aquarius:  If you have any wishes you still want fulfilled use Saturn in
Sagittarius to bring practical guidance in order to manifest your heart's
desires.  Spend time writing and intending your wishes to the Universe.  You
may go through a period of social change among your peers or your
association with certain groups and organizations.  If your being called to lead
a particular movement or interest group this is the time to take the reins and
show what you can do.

Pisces:  While Saturn moves through Sagittarius you may experience changes
in and around your career and goals.  This is a wonderful time to explore new
avenues to express your talents and experience.  This placement encourages a
particular restlessness in wanting to achieve concrete and tangible results
while having fun at the same time.  There is much to achieve yet there may be
delays during the retrograde periods so use them wisely to learn, restrategize
or simply honor the lesson of patience.