The interpretation that follows will finish off your 2019 Solar Return and then move into your 2020 Solar
January is relatively quiet to start off 2020 with an increase in planetary energies for February and March,
including a Mercury retrograde period.  April sees a double hit of these asteroid Vesta and the planet Uranus mid-
month and end of month.  May is fair in activity with a Venus retrograde that begins and finishes in June.  June
itself is very busy with the end of your 2019 return energies, the start of your 2020 return energies and second
Mercury retrograde that takes you into July.  July itself is lighter in energy with a slight increase in August and
another increase in September that will include the beginning of a Mars retrograde period that lasts into
November.  October is fairly energetic including the last Mercury retrograde of 2020, while November is very
quiet.  December is extremely busy as you finish the 2020 calendar year out.
     Your 2019 Solar Return had Gemini as the Ascendant for the year indicating a year for synthesis, integration,
communication and often many projects or interests to juggle at once.  It is often a social year as well.  Because
Sagittarius is your natal Ascendant and Gemini is your return Ascendant you have what is called a flipped chart
for the year meaning that the house structure is opposite your birth chart.  This can be an intense year due to the
need to assimilate the opposite sign and house energies as they overlap each other in the overly.  The Midheaven
for 2019-2020 is Pisces which focuses goals and ambitions toward peace, spiritual connection, easy flowing
movement toward achievements and the importance of emotion, mental and spiritual health.  Rest and
recuperation will be important as you go through your 2019-2020 cycle.
     Your 2020 Solar Return has Virgo as the Ascendant for the year indicating a year of organization, analysis,
focus on health, writing, creativity, and education.  As it is in the beginning of the sign it will be a year of bringing
elements of a greater plan together.  You will have a Virgo Ascendant again four and eight years from this time.  
The Midheaven for 2020-2021 is Gemini which will support continuing the integration process started in 2019.  
There may be several goals achieved at once and partnerships with others will be important.  Additionally, your
Solar Return for 2020-2021 occurs on the day of a solar eclipse which increases the intensity of the year and the
time periods affected by the Sun, Moon, North and South Nodes.  The 2020-2021 return cycle is interesting in the
way the planetary energies are grouped together with a group at your birthday, a gap until late September into
October, a strong bundle in December and then light until April while finishing out May and June on the quiet side.
     The timing periods listed in the beginning of each month correspond to the changes of the houses of life and
signs within the houses as you go throughout the year based on the Solar Return Chart.

1st-4th:  Exploring relationships.
5th-18th:  Dependable people for support.
19th-31st:  Considering one’s legacy.
4th: Juno in Cancer:  Changes in the care and nurture of relationships.  A woman of importance coming in to help
transform your life or aid you in the pursuit of your personal growth and sense of legacy you want to leave for
others.  Often a strong period of time spent with mother, grandmother or women that feel motherly toward you.

8th: South Node in Sagittarius:  Letting go of relationships that feel as though they are a distraction or taking you
on a journey that is the other person’s pipe dream rather than following your own heart’s desires.  Interesting
period for spiritual growth and letting go of fears about lacking freedom.

12th: Saturn in Sagittarius:  A return to discipline and focus combined with a positive attitude and the desire to
explore options that are both reliable and non-traditional.  Important placement for education, especially
educating oneself.  The importance of a teacher or mentor to aid in personal growth can present itself at this time.

1st-2nd:  Review one’s resources for achieving long term goals.
3rd-9th:  A period of intuitive insight, brilliance and tapping into the mind’s ability to think outside the box.
10th-26th:  Education, diversity and a different approach to learning.
27th-March 1st:  Focusing on one’s beliefs and spiritual growth.

NOTE:  Individual planets and the experience of the last for a month’s period of time in some cases due to the
tight timing of the Solar Return chart and the Sun as the 1st House chart.

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius 2/16-3/9:  This Mercury retrograde has two phases in your chart because it
starts in your 2nd House and then moves backward into your 1st House.  Overall this retrograde will cause
problems with communication, technology and can increase risky behavior and impulsivity.  People may lack a
filter or speak abruptly and randomly.  
Phase 1 2/16-2/24:  Mercury retrograde in Aquarius and the 2nd House:  Refocus on what is most valuable to
you and how you want to turn your ideas into money.  Review these ideas to make sure they are solid and doable
rather than new for the sake of being different or new. Be cautious about impulsive purchases and guard your
Phase 11 2/24-3/9:  Mercury retrograde in Aquarius and the 1st House:  The second part of the retrograde
focuses on self-reflection in the area of being different from others, having a unique communication style and the
importance of mental health at a time when the bigger issues society is dealing with can seem overwhelming.

5th:  Moon in Aquarius:  In the second experience of the Moon in Aquarius it could be an emotionally and
intuitively strong period of time marked by high highs and low lows or very intense followed by extreme quiet.  
Important to stay emotionally impersonal as the greater environment around you is changing.  Good period for
invention and insight.  Look back into the end of July and beginning of August for how the Moon affected you

16th:  Lilith in Aquarius:  In the second installment of Lilith in Aquarius there could possibly be a challenging
period with unusual or eccentric people attempting to give you guidance that sounds interesting but may be
quackery.  Be cautious of your own “out there” beliefs that may not be grounded in practical fact.  This is a
rebellious placement for Lilith so guard against bucking the system or authorities too much.  Look back into mid-
August to see what similar challenges Lilith brought you then.

18th:  Moon in Aquarius:  In the third and final installment of the Moon in Aquarius the energy supports
emotional self-awareness through exploring different philosophical, religious and spiritual views that are not
traditional and may blend science with spirituality.  This could be an emotionally cool period of time highlighting
introspection rather than outward reaction.  Review both early August and earlier this month to note the Moon’s
expression and how to utilize it fully.

20th:  Part of Fortune in Aquarius:  In the second experience of the Part of Fortune in Aquarius there will be an
unusually fortunate period marked by sudden progress, interesting experiences, colorful people and uncanny
luck.  Be open to positive surprises.  Look back into mid-August to the fortunate experiences that occurred to
understand the essence of this period.

27th:  Neptune in Aquarius:  In the second experience of Neptune in Aquarius the focus will be on education,
thinking or visualizing outside the box and the need to travel or get away for some mental stimulation.  The
imagination and intuition will be strong during this period as will inventiveness and creativity.  Look back to early
March to see how Neptune expressed itself then.
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