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   The South Node of the Moon, also referred to as the Dragon's Tail, is a
point where the Moon's path crosses the ecliptic.  The South Node along with
the North Node form a wave pattern of energy denoting karmic paths and
patterns.  The Nodes move 30 degrees in 18 months and move through the
Zodiac in a retrograde motion taking 18 years to complete.  Our karmic
patterns are often in alignment with the nodal cycles of 1 1/2 years, 9 years
and 18 years.
The South Node of the Moon represents one's past karma and cycles to be
released in this lifetime as well as during the year.  This has a personal as
well as global affect.  The South Node challenges us to not repeat previous
patterns due to their ease or comfort.  In previous lifetimes the work has
already been done and so in this lifetime we are to release our connection to
it so as not to repeat the past.  The North Node represents one's positive
karmic path forward during the lifetime.
(See more on the North Node)
 The South Node of the Moon is moving through Sagittarius in 2019.  This is
a time to release grass is greener on the other side programs wanderlust,
telling too many stories and running from personal truths.  Review events
that had start points 9 and 18 years ago as you may be desire to release
those connections if they have become too comfortable or a crutch that
limits your personal growth.  This is especially true if it is the 9 year cycle
which represents a crossroads and the possibility of a change of course on
your path.

Here is how the South Node works with your sign:

Aries:  .

Taurus:  .

Gemini:  .

Cancer:  .

Leo:  .

Virgo: .

Libra:  .

Scorpio: .

Ophiuchus:  .

Sagittarius:  .

Capricorn:  .

Aquarius:  .

Pisces:  .
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