Psychic Readings
Readings can be a combination of Tarot, Lenormand cards,
Clairvoyance, direct channeling and mediumship.  Once a
reading has begun, any loved ones, spirit guides, guardian
angels, totem animals or past life references are welcome
as validation & support.  You are welcome to take notes or
record your sessions.
Any session a 1/2 hour or more can be recorded, burned to
a CD and mailed to you or emailed to you
upon request.
15 minutes                                       $40
1/2 hour                                           $70
45 minutes                                      $110
1 hour                                               $140
In Person, by Phone or check the Events Page for other Venues.
To set up an appointment e-mail
Psychic Parties
              5 to 8 People
1/2 hour each                                             $50 per person

             10 to 16 People
15 min each                                                   $30 per person
Guests are welcome to record the sessions and/or take notes.  A scribe or
friend may also sit in to take notes for you or give you support.
Children under the age of 16 must have an adult with them.
Recordings and CD burning NOT available at parties or fairs.
To schedule a party e-mail information to:
If you are putting together a fair or fund raiser and would like
Michael to participate please  e-mail information to:
Everyone has free will.  
These services are for your entertainment only.
Must be at least 16 years old for clairvoyant or tarot readings.  
Prices are subject to change.
**Price increase as of 1/1/2019**