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Pluto, the now dwarf planet, takes 248 years to move through the
zodiac in an irregular orbit that can spend as little as twelve years in
one sign and as great as thirty-one in another.  As a result Pluto
affects a generation of people.  Pluto is the planet of
transformation, regeneration, wealth, resourcefulness, ruthlessness,
hidden energies and past-life patterns.  Retrograde Pluto is a time
for inner work that is deep and permanently transforming.  In
Galactic Astrology Pluto entered Sagittarius December 21, 2005
and will remain there until November 13, 2023.
What does Pluto mean for you?

Aries:  A time to transform yourself through travel, higher
education, involvement in politics, schools, mentoring projects,
publication and initiating new laws on behalf of those who need a
Retrograde: Work within on your philosophy of life, death and
rebirth.  What else do you want to learn that could transform you
into a wiser being?

Taurus:  You will be faced with long-term decisions and deep
transformations that come as a result of the life cycles that are
going on around you.  This is an excellent time to increase your
Retrograde:  Find your hidden talents and power that are more
influential and positive than material means.  How can you
transform your life in a positive way permanently?

Gemini:  People are your resource, especially if you are working
one-on-one.  Many of your closest relationships will begin to change
allowing you to step out of the abusive and into the adventurous.
Retrograde:  How are you the most ideal partner, friend, companion
or co-worker to people around you?

Cancer:  This is a time to transform you health through better diet
and especially exercise.  Swimming, horseback riding, water
aerobics, hiking, jogging and tai chi are favored. This period will give  
you excellent energy.  Changes in your work are likely.
Retrograde:  Reflect on how you truly want to work and serve as a
way to receive the most reward in your life.  How can you develop
new habits and routines to make life more meaningful?

Leo:  This is your era to play, create and have fun.  As a passionate
sign you may play too hard or take too many unnecessary risks, so
remember to be a little cautious.  Transform your world though
Retrograde:  Find your inner child, creative spark and sense of

Virgo:  These are the time to transform your environment, move
and work with your family as your resource of strength and
stability.  You may feel life is slightly unsteady with changes
happening continuously...remember life is an adventure not a
Retrograde:  Investigate your heritage or travel to historical places
you are connected to in order to regenerate.

Libra:  The power of your word, written or spoken, is very strong
during this Pluto transit.  Speak carefully and use words
thoughtfully.  Short trips into nature or to competitions are favored.
Retrograde:  Deep within is a story you could be telling that would
uplift others...this is the time to share it.

Scorpio:  Money is power to you right now and this is the time to
earn it through no other means than your own.  You may feel like
spending or giving more than usual with the understanding the
return may not come from where you expected it.
Retrograde:  Inside is a lively, generous soul that could use the
material world's resources to effect change.

Ophiuchus:  This is a time to find yourself and your worth through
the wealth of knowledge and wisdom you have about the cycles of
life and nature.  There is value in the healing and counseling you do
and the way it affects others in a positive way.
Retrograde:  Deep within you enjoy the material as much as the
spiritual.  Respect both and you master your worth in both areas as

Sagittarius:  Pluto in your own sign is highly transformational.  This
is the time to dive deep into yourself and make the necessary
changes you would like to keep in place for the rest of your life.  
Personal empowerment through a positive attitude is your ultimate
Retrograde:  Go deep within and find your personal power source.

Capricorn:  Pluto demands you work at the demons and skeletons
hiding in any of your closets.  Your power lies in the joy and grace
you have tucked away for fear people will see you as soft or
Retrograde:  Reflect on your inner spiritual growth and how it
manifests in your outer world.

Aquarius:  Changes in your associations with groups and
organizations are likely.  You will be more influential in networking
and spokesmanship.  Your wealth will come from who you know
and how you keep every one connected.
Retrograde:  What are your deepest desires and wishes to be
manifest?  Reflect on your connection to groups

Pisces:  Your career will go through important transformations.  
Promotions, moves into more important places and associations
with powerful people are likely.  You have the ability to achieve at a
high and deep level while enjoying what you do.
Retrograde:  Reflect on how you achieve goals in the easiest and
most enjoyable way.