Numerology Consultations
Personality & Life Path                                                             $125
Complete name and birth date profile
Pinnacles and Life Cycles                                                         $125
Review of major life cycles and trends
Everyone has free will.  
These services are for your entertainment only and not to replace professional
medical, psychological, financial, legal or business advice.
Must be at least 16 years old for clairvoyant or tarot readings.
There will be no
sessions until
further notice.  
All sessions will
be via phone,
FaceTime, Skype
or Zoom.  
Be well and
stay well!
Numerology of your name and birth date can be used to understand your life
path, strengths, challenges, cycles of life or of a year, as well as best addresses
to live, partnerships, romance and picking strong well-balanced names for
children, pets and businesses.
Addresses and Locations                                                          $125
Analysis into best locations to be for self, family or business
Baby, Pet or Business Name                                                     $125
Analysis of the strengths & challenges when considering
new names for babies, pets or businesses
Yearly Numerology Report                                                        $125
Consultation for your numerological yearly cycles
beginning with your birthday month
All sessions include appropriate data sheets, a 45 minute consultation and a
recording of the session.