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6/21 - 11/27
Neptune is the planet of spirituality, mysticism, creativity, imagination,
illusion, and escapism.  Neptune takes 165 years to move through the
zodiac and 14 years to move through one horoscope house of thirty degrees.
In Galactic Astrology Neptune moved into Aquarius in March of 2010 and
will remain there until February 2022.
As Neptune transits through Aquarius the link between science and
spirituality will begin to come together in ways unforeseen by either side.  
Neptune will help to unveil the hidden science of thought, prayer, energy and
frequency as they relate to the human consciousness and our ability to
create real and radical change in our lives.  The humanitarian nature of
Aquarius will stimulate the creative side of Neptune possibly ushering in a
renaissance of art, music and literature that will help to define a new age in
human expression.  Escapism through electronics, the media, radicalism of
any kind as well as "too good to be true" promises of quick money or fame
will be pitfalls of this Neptunian era.
When Neptune moves retrograde our tendency to escape is greater, though it
can also signal a time when a vacation or sabbatical is needed.  We become
more dreamy and less focused during the retrograde period and so may be
taken advantage of by schemes and rosy dreams that are best suited to
fairy tales than physical reality.  As Neptune moves retrograde in Aquarius
we can reflect on our place in the Universe and humanity.  Looking deep
within at the unique beliefs and spiritual self we embody and project,
whether it be true or a facade.
How does Neptune in Aquarius influence your sign?

This is a time where dreams may be manifest, friends and lovers come in as
a group to support you and your endeavors, and you may find renewed
spiritual support through a group or organization that speaks to your higher
principles.  Your desire to be an advocate or a force of change could inspire
others toward philanthropic goals.
Retrograde:  Reflect on your connection to the bigger picture and where in
your own small way you can make a difference or inspire others to
contribute their talents to a greater good.

Allow yourself to dream big despite your need for being grounded and
practical.  Neptune in Aquarius fills you with creative genius innovative
insight.  Spiritual epiphanies are likely.
Retrograde: Reflect on your vision of the future.  Is it inspiring or just
comfortable?  Allow technology and nature to inspire you and support your

Travel and higher education are supported by Neptune in
Aquarius...however plans bay not go along as planned.  You are in many
surprises in travel and may learn things you never dreamed possible.  This is
an excellent time to step outside your opinions and beliefs and embrace
new and uplifting ones.
Retrograde:  Reflect on your philosophy of life and about what you know
versus what you believe.  Is there another course of study or adventure you've
dreamed of experiencing that it is time to plan and enjoy?

Your intuitive abilities and sentimentality will be highly charged while
Neptune is in Aquarius.  Creatively this could also be a productive period.  
Neptune in Aquarius will create subtle yet profound changes in the way you
look at life, death, spirituality and the unseen or unknown in the world.
Retrograde:  Reflect on the times you were inspired by dreams, visions or
mystical experiences to make major changes in your life.

People in your life may be reliably unreliable during this transit.  As Dorothy
says in the Wizard of Oz, "My people come and go so quickly around here!"  
so it is for you.  Friends are in and out of your life as well as others you care
deeply about and hold loyalties to.
Retrograde:  Reflect on the people who have most inspired you to create
change in your life or who were catalysts for helping your visions become real.

Neptune in Aquarius is a time to pay attention to your health and diet.  
Unusual are odd sensitivities to food or substances may develop. A spiritual
practice, meditation, yoga, swimming, sound or art therapy would be
beneficial to keep you nerves calmed and your mind focused.
Retrograde:  Reflect on your diet and exercise as well as the role of science
and spirituality in your life.  This is an excellent time to do research on how
both areas can create optimal health for you.

You could be experiencing a personal and creative renaissance during the
transit of Neptune in Aquarius.  Inspiration to create, revitalization of your
inner child and taking risks at expressing your more unique and eccentric
qualities are favored by this transit.
Retrograde:  You may be more dreamy, idealistic and over-romantic during
this time.  There is an allure to escape through love, travel or creativity.
Reflect on what it means to be conscious in your life process.

There could be significant changes in your home and family life that you will
need to adapt to in order to maintain a positive attitude. Neptune in
Aquarius will either inspire you to move or remodel your existing home or
environment in a way that creates more distance from family.
Retrograde:  Reflect on how to bring more creativity and spirituality into your
space.  You may need an altar or other feature that is sacred to you.

Your creative and inspiration roots may be uprooted by new ideas or an
unexpected transition to a new space.  Allow your dreams to come home to
you rather than attempting to chase them across the globe.
Retrograde:  Your desire to stay at home and do nothing but think and
create will be high.  Reflect on your private versus public life.

You are bubbling with ideas, short trips and constant communication.  This
is a creative time to be writing or audio journaling your ideas or stories.
Travel may take you long and unexpected route.
Retrograde:  Reflect on how much you listen as well as speak.  Reflect on
your tendencies to run from a situation if it is not pretty.

Money and time could be challenging for you, especially during the
retrograde period.  Spend time on your financial vision that is self-created
rather than dependant on others.
Retrograde:  Unexpected delays or windfalls financially.  A less than routine
schedule is also likely.  Reflect on what time is to you and how valuable your
dreams are to your success.

Neptune in your sign heightens your intuition and spiritual growth while
making you more inspired and aloof.  Technology may be a direct escape
from looking at yourself in the mirror.  Remember a machine will not fix
what your soul is needing to heal.
Retrograde:  You may be forgetful and distracted.  Reflect on your spiritual
growth and creative outlets.

Neptune in Aquarius heightens your sensitivity to others, especially groups
and global issues.  You have the ability to tap into soulful creative
inspiration as well as escape into a sci-fi dreamland.
Retrograde:  Reflect on your fears and the solutions to healing them.