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 Black Moon Lilith is the furthest point from the Earth in the Moon's orbit
called the apogee.  The Lilith cycle is a 9 year cycle through the Zodiac with 9
months spent in each sign.  Lilith is associated with our darker nature,
tendency to rebel, sabotage by the self and others, as well as a challenge
when faced we grow through and become stronger.  Although her myth begins
in ancient Babylon and is connected in various ways to the Bible, Zohar and
Talmud, Lilith develops from being a creature of the night and a child stealing
demon to the rebellious first wife of Adam whose fate is still with the darker
beings of the world.
 Black Moon Lilith is a relatively minor point but is rich with possibility. In a
birth chart and by transit Lilith shows us our darker characteristics; people
(often women) who could challenge or sabotage our plans; our ignorance; and
something of our psychic talents and influences.  Lilith is associated with
fertility, birth and the womb due to her cycle being in a sign approximately 9
months.  Explore Lilith and you may find strength through your shadow self
and the ability to create your desires out of nothing.

In 2020 Lilith is in Pisces from 1/1 through 10/30 and Aries from 10/30
through 12/31.  

Lilith is in Pisces is a time when we all need to look at victimization issues in
our lives.  This includes how we play the victim and sabotage our chances to
heal our emotional and spiritual wounds.   Lilith helps us to grow through
Pisces by finding inner strength as a spiritual being having human
experiences that make us vulnerable, but aid in strengthening our
understanding of human connectedness.  Being sabotaged by the
victim-types and emotional vampires that we may try to save or rescue can
distract from our personal growth while Lilith is in Pisces as well.  It is best to
focus on the energy of the survivor rather than the victim and helper rather
than the enabler or saviour.

Lilith in Aries stirs fierce independence and selfishness that can undermine
our connection to others and create conflict through impatience.  We can
sabotage ourselves through short-sightedness and the desire for immediacy
rather than patience and teamwork.  We can be sabotaged by those that are
aggressive, unrelating and pushy because they lack a connection to others
and are motivated by their individual desires and narrow views.   Lilith in
Aries can help us through acknowledging our healthy selfish parts and desire
for progress as well as respect for independence within all people.  We all
have the ability to light a match and start a fire with Lilith in Aries.  The
question is are we doing it while considering the impact on others in a healthy
and balanced way.

1/1 - 10/30