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Black Moon Lilith is the furthest point from the Earth in the Moon's orbit
called the apogee.  The Lilith cycle is a 9 year cycle through the Zodiac with 9
months spent in each sign.  Lilith is associated with our darker nature,
tendency to rebel, sabotage by the self and others, as well as a challenge
when faced we grow through and become stronger.  Although her myth begins
in ancient Babylon and is connected in various ways to the Bible, Zohar and
Talmud, Lilith develops from being a creature of the night and a child stealing
demon to the rebellious first wife of Adam whose fate is still with the darker
beings of the world.
 Black Moon Lilith is a relatively minor point but is rich with possibility. In a
birth chart and by transit Lilith shows us our darker characteristics; people
(often women) who could challenge or sabotage our plans; our ignorance; and
something of our psychic talents and influences.  Lilith is associated with
fertility, birth and the womb due to her cycle being in a sign approximately 9
months.  Explore Lilith and you may find strength through your shadow self
and the ability to create your desires out of nothing.
   Lilith is in Leo and Virgo through 2015.  In Leo Lilith challenges our ego,
sense of power and desire to control while instigating our protective nature.  I
consider Lilith in her fall in Leo due to the arrogance and egotism unbridled
rebellion and power can bring.  In Virgo Lilith challenges our hypercritical and
judgmental selves as well as any tendencies toward hypochondria while
re-enforcing strong observation and analyzation skills.

Here is what Lilith in Leo and Virgo means for your sign:

Aries: Lilith in Leo asks you to face your childish and temperamental side as
well as your tendency to rush into relationships based on sex, power or
control.  Lilith in Leo also triggers your creativity, especially as a process of
giving birth or life to a project that may be bigger than you imagined.  Lilith in
Virgo cautions you about your criticisms of your workplace, co-worker and
employer as they could be your undoing.  You may desire to prematurely
leave a good situation or sabotage yourself through taking too much control.  
Lilith in Virgo can be used well through becoming enmeshed in the details
and finishing projects perfectly and on time.

Taurus:  Lilith in Leo brings in those domineering and controlling influences
that are in your home and family.  Whether it is a relative or your own darker
nature be cautious of upsetting your home life through careless arrogance or
overdone stubbornness.  Positively Lilith in Leo strengthens your protective
nature.  Lilith in Virgo resurrects childhood hurts and ego patterns that may
be best left to a therapist or creative outlet to be healed.  On the positive side
Lilith encourages your crafty side and ability to calculate risks in a psychic

Gemini:  Lilith in Leo brings up your tendency for big ideas, loud conversations
and becoming embroiled in shouting matches or debates where you want to
prove you are the only one who is right.  Lilith in Leo favors creative writing
and journaling some of your darker emotions or thoughts as a form of
therapy.  Lilith in Virgo may have you indecisive about changes in and around
the home.  There may be a general frustration about how to change your
environment or the people you consider family.  On the positive side give
yourself 9 months to plan out a change that would be better off in the coming

Cancer:  Lilith in Leo is the temptation to spend big on emotional purchases
that only stroke your ego.  Lilith in Leo asks you to look deep into your
protective shell and realize how strong, powerful and influential you are
because of your genuine self rather than the presents and things you buy.  
Lilith is Virgo takes your naturally psychic sense and gives it a critical and
possibly cutting edge.  Be cautious of overly critical people, especially siblings
and neighbors, who may sabotage your best efforts.

Leo:  Lilith in your own sign tempts you to throw your weight around, puff up
your chest and prove to everyone that you are the king or queen.  You may
even be falsely encouraged by someone around you who is actually waiting
for you to fall.  Positively Lilith in your sign can aid in tapping into your buried
creative side.  Lilith in Virgo plays your knowledge of facts against your
proclaimed innocence and the value of being humble and genuine so as not
to cause confusion.  Be cautious of quick talking sales people.

Virgo:  Lilith in Leo illuminates some of your deepest fears, secrets and
passions that if brought to light in a good way may aid you in releasing any
resistance you may have to living life more fully.  Be cautious of intense
psychic or mentally manipulative people.  Lilith in your own sign casts your
maiden against your temptress; the virgin against the mother.  This is a time
to reconcile both sides rather than feel you have to be one or the other.

Libra:  Lilith in Leo tempts you to go over the top in social situations or
aggressively pursue social sets and positions that you may not be suited for.  
Your charm may be great with this position but your authenticity may be
questioned by those in power.  Positively you are a movie star in your own
movie and do not need the validation of the paparazzi.  Lilith in Virgo is a
psychic position for you and may bring forth the good, bad and ugly.  As Libra
it is your place to balance out those factors and be diplomatic about what you
see and or feel.  Your faith may be tested by a skeptic.

Scorpio:  Lilith in Leo puts up the caution sign regarding people in power
within your career.  Although you may want to change them or overthrow their
regime, it would be best to play along stay in your power.  Be cautious of
those tempting you with power or fame as you can rise on your own accord
rather than the favors of others.  Lilith in Virgo may not make you the favorite
at social gatherings as your tongue may be sharp and criticisms unwelcome.  
Use Lilith in Virgo to tap into your ability to analyze and plan for all.

Ophiuchus:  Lilith in Leo brings out those who want to challenge and compete
with you as a way to take away your power.  No matter what the fight is would
be best to trust your intuition following a higher path.  Your ability to influence
others is quite strong during this time so be careful what you say and who you
say it to.  Lilith in Virgo could make it difficult to work in a group situation as
everyone's opinions may undermine a simple solution.  Lilith works best for
you in Virgo as taking a position of innocence and unknowingness.

Sagittarius:  Lilith in Leo challenges your overly optimistic nature and
tendency to tell stories and expound on your philosophy of life to the point it
may sound demeaning or patronizing.  Although you may want to change
some rules in your life right now it may be best to be quite and protect the
beliefs you have in a quiet way.  Lilith in Virgo may have you under the
microscope at work.  If those around you seem unsatisfied with what you are
doing then open a dialog to get them to commit to a plan rather than
handing out constant criticism.

Capricorn:  Lilith in Leo could tempt you to make big investment as a way to
get big money.  Be cautious here as it is best to trust your intuitive money
sense rather than lose your shirt.  Psychically this is a strong time for you
provided you detach from the outcome.  Lilith in Virgo may increase your
criticism of institutions, laws, policies and the people that enforce them.  Stick
to the rules for now and plan a vacation instead.  Just remember, "When in

Aquarius:  Lilith in Leo tests all of your one-on-one relationships.  You could be
in for some interesting and enlightening power struggles.  Let your rebellious
side help you out of being under anyone's thumb right now.  Lilith in Virgo
brings in an uncanny knack for knowing details, plans and motives of people
before they are made visible.  Trust your gut.  Be cautious of over-suspicion or
divulging that you know too much.

Pisces:  Lilith in Leo challenges you at work with superiors, owners and power
struggles that you would much rather stay out of.  Use Lilith in Leo to step into
your personal power at work rather than retreating into the background.  Lilith
in Virgo brings into your life those who would prefer you be more grounded
and realistic.  You may need to avoid those that are unappreciative of your
dreams and visions or are looking at the glass as half empty.
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