Lenormand Readings
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The Lenormand Cards originated in Germany in the 18th century
as a game played with the cards and die called the Game of Hope.  
The deck consists of 36 cards with everyday images on them
numbered one through thirty-six.  The deck is named after Madame
Lenormand a famous French seer who read for people such as
Napoleon's wife Josephine and other society members.
The cards are read in various patterns including three card, five
card, box style and the Grand Tableau.  Techniques such as
knighting and trailing through the cards are used in the Grand
Tableau bringing in depth and greater clarity to a reading.  
Individual cards can be opened up through the box method for
additional information or as one time readings regarding a
particular situation or person.  Some of the cards are similar to the
Tarot but with different meanings.
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