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Jupiter is called the Greater Beatific in astrology as it bestows grace, prosperity,
goodness and mirth.  Jupiter takes approximately one year to move through a sign of
the zodiac.  As Jupiter moves through a sign there is opportunity to expand on that
area of life, enjoy prosperity, experience life in a big way, and can enlighten the areas
where there is greed, hypocrisy or over-indulgences.  Jupiter has a twelve year cycle
around the zodiac.  Refer back twelve years to where you were and what you
experienced then to understand what is in store for this cycle.

In 2019 Jupiter in Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer until 11/7/2019 when it moves into
its own sign of Sagittarius.  Jupiter in Ophiuchus enhances the dynamic and
charismatic qualities of the healer and teacher in all of us.  A matter of fact need for
truth as difficult as it may be is part of the energy Jupiter in Ophiuchus provides.
Jupiter is retrograde in Ophiuchus between 4/10/19 and 8/11/19.  Retrograde Jupiter
is a time to reflect on areas of life where a philosophy or belief is to be changed;
excesses are to be curbed; one's practice of generosity reviewed; and how one desires
to expand their lives through exponential growth can be manifested.  While Jupiter is
retrograde in Ophiuchus reflect on how to make an antidote out of the poison in your
life as well as wrestling with any of the demons in your life as though you were the King
or Queen of the Gods.

What does Jupiter in Ophiuchus mean for your sign?

Jupiter in Ophiuchus opens up the opportunity to face directly any challenges you may
feel surrounding the life/death/rebirth cycle, psychic or occult understandings and
how to plan more directly for your fiscal future.  Your own psychic nature could be
enhanced during this period of time as well so be sure to document your insights and
success of them in a journal.  During the retrograde period the focus will be on deeper
issues of healing that may need to be revisited.

Jupiter in Ophiuchus asks you to look at your one-on-one relationships squarely in the
eye to decide who is antidote and who may be poison in your life.  This is done with an
interesting mix of seriousness and humor.  If there are any white elephants in some of
your relationships they will certainly be addressed while Jupiter is retrograde in
Ophiuchus.  The Jupiter transit through Ophiuchus can provide intense healing of past

Jupiter in Ophiuchus is a time to focus on your health and ability to problem solve in
both your personal and professional lives.  A more natural or holistic approach may be
necessary to rebalance your body.  Are the foods, drink or medications you are eating
antidote or poison in your system?  Utilize the expansive energy of Jupiter in Ophiuchus
to look into the natural world for healing of the body, mind, emotions and spirit.  While
Jupiter is retrograde it will be a good time to reassess your working environment.

Jupiter in Ophiuchus Highlights your creativity and the need to step outside your shell
for a year and handle some of those issues that feel risky or uncomfortable to your
natural sensitivity.  Allow this to be a time to champion your challenges through
reflecting on your younger self and the challenges you faced then.  Tap into your inner
child and remember to play.  During Jupiter retrograde in Ophiuchus reflect on how
you can heal through childlike creativity and joy.

Jupiter in Ophiuchus could be intense, especially during the retrograde period, as the
influences are in the areas of your home and family.  If you are considering a move,
relocation, big home improvement project or preparing for changes in and around the
family Jupiter in Ophiuchus helps ferret out the issues with warmth.  Your charisma will
be high during this transit so be sure you know where your personal volume control is
to monitor yourself.

Jupiter in Ophiuchus works well with your natural ability to analyze, criticize and
organize to support easy and enjoyable problem solving in both your personal and
professional lives.  This placement strengthens your intuitive ability to find solutions in
the most challenging of circumstances and be able to enjoy the process.  While Jupiter
is retrograde in Ophiuchus plans that were too narrow in focus will need to be

Jupiter in Ophiuchus is focused on the flow of your money the importance of your
values especially those of equality, fairness and truth.  Deciphering the difference
between personal, social and universal truths during this transit may have you
wrestling with some of your own judgments.  During the retrograde period be cautious
of spending too much as the lavish parts of Libra, Ophiuchus and Jupiter could be too
carefree with luxury spending.

Jupiter in Ophiuchus will be a deep, intense look inside yourself and how you are
perceived by others.  Though you may say you are strong and don't care about others'
opinions of you there is something to be said for going through a reevaluation of your
strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement.  During the retrograde period reflect
on what you may need in order to transform your life during the next year.

Jupiter in your own sign blesses the year for you.  This is a time filled with expansion,
growth and fun.  Your personal charisma will be heightened as will your very candid
opinions or social observations.  During the retrograde period take some down time and
fun time as there is a tendency for Ophiuchus to become very serious or obsess about
issues that do not have clear answers or may be too close to home to see easily.

Jupiter in Ophiuchus is a prep period for when Jupiter enters your own sign later in the
year.  It is time to clean out the psychological closet, take a much needed spiritual
growth break and reframe your optimism with a strong dose of undeniable reality.
Focus on haw much of a better person you would like to be in the coming year.  Work
with your higher power as well as your intuitive self for finding direction.  Use part of the
retrograde period for a vacation or new adventure that supports growth and maturity.

Jupiter in Ophiuchus encourages your connections to groups and organizations to be a
more vital part of a well rounded life.  There may be a shift in your social circles as
those who once served a purpose are replaced by those that may further your goals
more.  If you are interested in taking a leadership position this is the time to go for it.  
Take time during the Jupiter retrograde period to revise, review and renew any
wish/intention lists or vision boards.

Jupiter in Ophiuchus could help your career even during the retrograde period as it is
a time to reevaluate your gals, career path and future ambitions.  If your humanitarian
side is being called to step up and get involved use this year to do so.  Your natural
ability to be spontaneous or a catalyst for change works well with Jupiter in Ophiuchus
however be cautious you do not get carried away the ideal or potential of the cause.

Jupiter in Ophiuchus is focused on what more you feel you need to learn or master to
grow yourself intellectually and spiritually. This may be the time to take the trip that is a
learning adventure and tests what you know of yourself and your limits.  During the
retrograde period your contacts with people who misuse or abuse their wisdom or
influence is likely to increase as a way for you to once and for all hear wisdom without
worshipping the source.