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6/20 - 10/18

6/20 - 8/29

8/29 - 10/18
Jupiter is called the Greater Beatific in astrology as it bestows grace, prosperity, goodness and
mirth.  As Jupiter moves through a sign there is opportunity to expand on that area of life, enjoy
prosperity, experience life in a big way and can bring awareness of areas where there is greed,
hypocrisy, or over-indulgences.  Jupiter takes approximately twelve years to move through the
zodiac.  Refer back eleven to twelve years ago to understand how Jupiter has affected and will
affect your life.

Retrograde Jupiter is a time to reflect on areas of life where a philosophy, belief or attitude
about freedom is to be changed; excesses are to curbed; one's practice of generosity reviewed;
and how one desires to expand their lives through exponential growth can be manifested.

Jupiter is in the signs Capricorn and Aquarius in 2021.  Jupiter entered Capricorn on
12/10/2020 and stays there until 4/15/2021 when it moves into Aquarius.  During the
retrograde period Jupiter moves back into Capricorn on 8/29 and stays there through 12/5.

It is a time that is focused on education, travel, international connections, focuses on
philosophy, law, religion and politics, as well as the more corrupting issues of Jupiter and
Sagittarius including over-indulgence, unsavory salesmanship, lack of boundaries and the need
to revise one's world view.   Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius is a period to reflect on cultural and
multi-cultural beliefs, excesses in our lives, and on the systems of education, law, religion and
philosophy that need to be changed or expanded upon to create inclusion rather than exclusion.

In 2021 Jupiter is retrograde in Aquarius from 6/20 through 8/29 and then retrograde in
Capricorn from 8/29 through 10/18

What does Jupiter in Aquarius and Capricorn mean for your sign?
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