Aspect - in astrology, the relationship between two or more planets based on
the degrees between them.  Aspect range from 0* in a conjunction to 180* in
an opposition.

Astrology - the art and science of prediction using the stars and planets in
conjunction with natural astronomical cycles.  There traditional, sidereal,
Vedic and 13 Sign astrological systems.

Birth Chart - the astrological chart for a person, institution or event at the time
of its birth that indicates  the potentials and cycles to be experienced by it
through the positions of the signs, houses and planets.

Clairvoyant - meaning "clear seer," is a psychic or medium who receives
strong images or visualizations.  Often this is coupled with Clairaudience
(hearing), Clairsentience (feeling), Clairgustation (taste), and Clairolfactory

Crystal Healing - the use of crystals or stones and their natural principles for
energetic healing and balancing.

Horoscope - astrological predictions based on the signs of the zodiac and
planetary placements in those signs.

House - the twelve divisions of an astrological birth chart that rule different
areas of life.

Lenormand Cards - a set of 36 cards depicting everyday people, things and
scenes that were created in Germany and named after (but never used by)
Mdme. Lenormand, the great 16th century French psychic.  They are used for
divination, spiritual counseling and gaming.

Medium - a psychic who specializes in contacting the dead, angels or other
beings in other planes of existence.

Numerology - the art and study of the meaning of numbers as they relate to
letters, names, places and dates

Precession - the perceived backwards motion of the Sun through the Zodiac
due to our Solar System's movement through the galaxy.

Psychic - a person who acts as a channel to allow information to come
through to another person or for themselves for healing or counselling. see
Clairvoyant, Medium.

Reiki - a form of energy healing that uses symbols and directed energy that
can be done in person or long distance.

Retrograde - the perceived backwards motion of a planet across the sky.  In
astrology it can affect the energy of the planet in the horoscope or birth chart.

Return chart - an astrological chart based on the Sun's return to the same
degree at the time of birth.  This can be used to forecast events for that
particular year.

Sign - one of twelve constellations of the zodiac used in astrology.

Tarot - the deck of 78 cards that represent one's journey through life and are
used for divination, healing and spiritual counselling.

Zodiac - the twelve constellations the Sun passes through during the course
of the year and the signs used in astrology.
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