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7/11 - 12/15
Chiron is a dwarf planet/comet with an irregular orbit between Saturn and
Uranus.  Chiron is called the "Wounded Healer."  Chiron represents healing of
the self and others often through a wound we have experienced personally.  
Chiron favors all teachers and healers even those who don't consider
themselves so.
 In 13 Sign Astrology Chiron wold rule Ophiuchus.

Chiron is in Pisces beginning on 2/24/2016 through 4/25/2026.  Chiron is
Pisces is about healing our faith in ourselves, others, community and in a
higher power.  Soul connections that need repair from both this lifetime as
well as others are likely to occur while Chiron is in Pisces.
Retrograde Chiron is a time to reflect on what we are healing within ourselves
through our interactions with helping, teaching and healing others.  This is
often an introspective period and may bring up deeper issues that become
buried during everyday living.

What does Chiron in Pisces mean for your sign?

Chiron in Pisces increases your spiritual awareness.  This is a time to heal the
spiritual warrior part of Aries who can be as ambitious as a crusader or as
simple as a monk.  Your connection to a greater whole and how yo express
that part of yourself is healed through your optimism and encouragement of
others who may be questioning their greater purpose. During the retrograde
period will be a review of your soul connections to others.

Chiron in Pisces may have you searching for a spiritual or artistic community
to share your beliefs and ideas with while keeping it simple and low key.  
Chiron works in Pisces through vigilance in manifesting your heart's desires.  
If you have experienced challenges in participating with any groups or
organizations Chiron in Pisces will help you to heal those hurts.  During the
retrograde people revisit old wish lists and vision boards for inspiration.

Chiron in Pisces takes what may appear to be your simple career or life path
and magnify the importance of it as a significant life's work or dharma that
is guided by spiritual insight or connections.  There may be a temptation to
do too much or be too visionary so be sure you have grounded friends around
that will keep you focused.  During the retrograde period take time to heal
your mind and body.

Chiron in Pisces may have you on the quest for your home away from home.  
Healing through travel as well as connecting with new spiritual beliefs or
philosophies will help you in your own spiritual journey.  Multicultural
connections linking you to past lives as well as inspirational places are
favored during Chiron's transit through Pisces.  Use the retrograde period to
reflect on intuitive and spiritual connections to other peoples.

Chiron in Pisces could open or increase your psychic and intuitive abilities as
well as be instrumental in helping others through significant transitions in
their lives.  This will be a significant period of transition for you as well
possibly mirroring those around you.  You may go through varying periods of
epiphany and deep introspection as well as celebrations of life and death
that touch your heart and soul.    Use the retrograde period to reflect on key
life changing events and how you can share those experiences to help others.

Chiron in Pisces both heals your personal relationships as well as helping
others heal their relationships as well.  The desire for deeper more soulful
connections will be strong while Chiron is in Pisces which will attract many
like souls with which to develop special one-on-one relationships.  Healing old
programs of idealistic or fairy tale relationships is also part of this transit.  
During the retrograde period certain relationships will easily fade out in the
physical while others will pick up where they left off.

Chiron in Pisces places special attention on your health especially as it
relates to your kidneys, adrenal glands, pH balance and water in your body
system.  Healing your mind and emotions will be as important as
maintaining physical health.  In the workplace you may become the
unordained therapist utilizing your natural diplomacy and fairness to help
others stay balanced.  During the retrograde period any form of vacation,
down time (even stay-cation) will be important to minimize stress levels.

Chiron in Pisces works to heal your issues around love, play, sensuality
through deepening the senses and bringing in a spiritual connection that
builds stronger relationships with others.  Healing your inner child through
being in and around young people is an added plus to this placement.  
Strong creative visions and executions are likely as well.  During the
retrograde period you may need to be more withdrawn and create.

Chiron in Pisces touches on your healing abilities especially as they relate to
children, childhood wounds, disenchanted lovers and those looking to have
am more loving relationship with a higher power.  You will transform yourself
and others through these healing connections.  Seek out youthfulness,
artists, romantics and those that need to take risks in love and help them to
heal through finding their love of self first.  During the retrograde period you
will feel like the spiritual therapist and soul mender more than usual.

Chiron in Pisces affects your home and family through bringing them
together in joyful reunions.  Your gift of humor aids you in helping familial
rifts to be mended.  In your own home bringing a sense of peace or
spirituality will be important.  Redesigning, redecorating or remodeling areas
of your home to encourage healing and spirituality are supported by the
energy of Chiron in Pisces.  During the retrograde reunions are likely.

Chiron in Pisces functions as a continuing education on your practical way of
helping others heal the static and chatter in their minds.  This could be a
creative period focused on writing, speaking and sharing your life's
experience in a soulful way.  Ideas may flow easily and the need to connect
with like-minded people to bring a plan to manifestation will be a positive
use of Chiron in Pisces.  During the retrograde period you may revisit old
dreams or creative plans that can be manifest during this transit.

Chiron in Pisces wants to look at your sense of charity, spiritual values and
the importance of the material versus the spiritual in your life.  Old beliefs
centered around money and religion may come up to be healed and
redefined.  The spiritual connection and good feeling that sharing and
helping others with your time, energy and money will aid in your own spiritual
growth.  During the retrograde period reflect on your self worth in relation to
the material world.

Chiron in your own sign means your personal healing will be paramount.  
Those wounds that you have will be in your life through the lives of others.  It
will be important to discern between your emotions and hurts versus others'
so as to not take them on as your own.  Increased spiritual growth as well as
heightened intuition are likely during Chiron's transit in Pisces.  During the
retrograde period the past in this lifetime as well as past life reviews or
reconnections will serve to heal or complete karmic contracts.