About Michael
Michael Zaikowski is a psychic, healer and
teacher specializing in 13 Sign Astrology,
Tarot, Lenormand
, Numerology and
Mediumship.  He is also a Reiki
Master/Teacher and Crystal Healer.
A native of New Jersey, Mi
chael began
seeing and hearing spirit at the age of two.  
During his childhood he had “imaginary”
friends that he later found out to be people
and elements of the spirit world.  Michael’s
abilities were further strengthened by deja
vu dreams and a natural sensitivity to the
energy of places and people he came in
contact with. In 1985 the family television
set died prior to the beginning of summer
vacation.  Michael’s mother, who
read cards
in the gypsy style when she was younger,
took the family to the library regularly during that summer and into the
autumn.  On one of these trips Michael discovered astrology and fell in love
with it.  He began studying and understanding the symbols, aspects and the
formulas to draw up a natal birth chart.  Soon he was spending late nights
drawing up and writing out by hand the astrological charts of friends, family
and even teachers at school.  

Following quickly on the heels of astrology were the Tarot, psychic work,
numerology and the study of symbols, religion and the occult. In college he
became acquainted with Wicca, Taoism, and Buddhism while strengthening
his psychic abilities and writing the horoscope for the school newspaper.  After
predicting some the Gulf War’s key events, Michael put away all he had
experienced and focused on school.  Within a short time, however, his psychic
abilities came back through and he was working with spiritual energies
again.  This happened twice more over the next six years.  After throwing away
several decks of Tarot cards, a well-used Ouija board and giving away many
books, Michael asked the Divine for help and accepted his role as a psychic
and healer.

Since that point Michael worked on incorporating any spirituality and
metaphysics into his life and place of work.  He trained further in
mediumship, tarot, Reiki, laying on of hands healing, crystal healing, sidereal
and 13 Sign astrology and Lenormand card reading.  

After 19 years of working in retail, Michael left his traditional job to become
self-employed as a clairvoyant and healer. Under the name of The Practical
Magi, he began working with long time friend and spiritual counselor Diane
Howe at The Open Lotus in Franklin,
(Sussex County) New Jersey.  Since then
Michael has moved to the Stockton/Flemington/
Lmbertville/New Hope area.

Today, Michael can be found at giving private readings by phone, during
psychic parties at client's homes or businesses, at
several venues in north and
central New Jersey,
or making appearances at psychic and holistic fairs and
fund raising events as well as teaching workshops at various centers around
the country.
Everyone has free will.  These services are for your entertainment only.
Prices are subject to change