Astrological Consultations
Verbal sessions are provided by phone or in-person.  
Includes a copy of Birth or Return Chart Wheels with dates.
Recording available upon request.
Does NOT include a written interpretation.
          Natal Birth Chart or Astrocartography
1/2 hour                                            $75

1 hour                                              $150
                     Astrological Planning
15-20 minute single question              $45

Solar Return 1/2 hour                         $75

Solar Return 1 hour                            $150
              Written Reports
Natal Birth Chart                        $225
A 10 - 18 page channeled report of the birth chart.  This includes an
interpretation of the planets in each sign and house, including 4
major asteroids, Chiron, the Part of Fortune, East Point, Vertex,
North Node of the Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, Lilith or Black
Moon, and all twelve houses of life.  The report can also include
past life information, karmic patterns, life lessons and solutions to
difficult planetary positions.
Report is in a written format and includes 1 hour consultation time
that will be recorded.

Astrological Planner
Developed by Michael, this is yearly planner is based on the Sun's
return to the same position as the time of birth combined with the
timing in your Natal Birth Chart.  This is given in a date format and
gives guidance to using the planetary energies best for the entire
year.  Includes consultation time.

3 Months                                               $50

6 Months                                             $100

1 Year                                                 $175

Relationship Chart  Basic Synastry $500
Up to 25 page compatibility chart and report.  This reptort provides
information on the ways each person's planetary energy works with
the other's.  Includes consultation time.
Unsure of your
birth time?
Give a time as
close as
possible, or it
can be divined
for you by
Charts are a great
gift for Newborns,
Weddings and
Graduation too!
Everyone has free will.  
These services are for your entertainment only.
Must be at least 18 years old for clairvoyant or tarot readings.  
Prices are subject to change.
E-mail birth time, date and place as well as requests for
consultation times to: